How Did Miss USA Jordan Wessel Lose Weight?

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“Miss USA” and “weight management problems” are two phrases that are rarely struck together. However, in the case of Jordan Wessel this is exactly what has happened.

While the Miss Arizona 2014 winner looks as glamorous as it gets as she stands on stage attempting to convince the nation that she is going to be the next Miss USA, it’s not always been like this.

jordan wessel


What is the story behind Jordan Wessel?

One thing that most of us have learned about Jordan Wessel over recent months are her struggles with celiac disease. In short, this is an immunity related problem which prompts a reaction whenever she eats gluten. It can cause immense pain and ultimately, at least in her case, it caused her to pile on the pounds.

weight loss of miss arizona jordan wessel


She has even admitted that she was always much bigger than all of her friends and this unsurprisingly caused a whole host of self-esteem issues.


How did she lose weight?

jordan wessel body weight loss

The turning point for Wessel was signing up for a bikini competition at the start of April, which would conclude midway through July. It gave her no more than three and a half months to fine tune her body, and at least attempt to match some of the models that she had been looking up to for her whole life.

Funnily enough, her attention wasn’t primarily to lose weight, but to at least start to gain that illusive confidence which had always been missing from her life.

Nevertheless, she enlisted the help of a trainer who would help her workout no fewer than twice a day, for five days a week. It would be fair to say that these were hardly mild sessions either, with the trainer insisting that she embarked on high-intensity workouts that included everything from weight-lifting to sprints.

It goes without saying that such action brought her weight down considerably and meant that she was completely eligible to not only enter the competition that we all now know her for, but also to succeed in it.


What about now?


The work hasn’t stopped now, though. In a bid to keep her body, Wessel has embarked on yet more rigorous work. Naturally, a lot of this still revolves around her exercise plan which is even more intense than it was during her initial weight loss mission. It’s now not only comprised of the five high-intensity interval sessions that we spoke about previously, but it now includes two yoga sessions to absolutely maximise the results from it.

Both of these types of training are regarded as terrific weight loss tools, with high-intensity workouts the latest thing “in fashion” from celebrities who are looking to shed the pounds.


Does she keep to any sort of diet?

jordan wessel doet

The additional development has come in the form of her diet. This was something that she didn’t really touch upon during her early work, but now she has completely overhauled it and tailored her life around her food, rather than the other way round.

While the diet is strict in some regards, it also contains a lot of foods that most people wouldn’t think twice about eating. It’s by no means a “rabbit food” diet, comprised of the so-called boring foods, but there are a whole host of tasty components. For example, she makes her own protein waffles made from gluten-free oatmeal,


MuscleEgg and blueberries for breakfast. As she proceeds to lunch, Wessel takes in 4 oz. of chicken and salad, before finishing the day with a further 4 oz. of chicken but this time with steamed vegetables.


Contrary to what some diets might tell you, snacks aren’t out of the picture either. In the morning, it’s not uncommon for Wessel to take in a piece of fruit, before then boosting her afternoon’s intake with some more protein.

On the subject of protein, it’s clear to see that this is one of the principal components of her diet. The majority of her meals contain large amounts of this, with Wessel clearly attempting to supplement her intense workouts with protein that will help prevent the dreaded fat from building up.

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Additionally, and this is great for anyone who is looking to enhance that attractive six pack, it will help with muscle development.

If you haven’t yet seen the contestants for Miss USA, this is something that is expected and is again a big reason why Wessel is in the position she finds herself in.


A Summary on Jordan Wessel’s Weight Loss

Most of us in this world would do anything to have a body like Jordan Wessel and fortunately, it’s all come without expensive supplements. Instead, she’s on the verge of becoming Miss USA purely down to hard work and a tailored diet – and this is advice that we can all follow.

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