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She was once the pin-up girl of television shows, with The O.C. being one of the most popular series on the box at one point.

However, even by her own admission, British American actress Mischa Barton’s approach of living life to the full caused her to reach breaking point. At one point she was stick-thin, but not long later her weight ballooned.

mischa barton fat


Unsurprisingly, the nature of her work meant that the press jumped on her waistline. All of the national papers were covering her new size and this is probably one of the reasons she found herself in trouble legally, after being arrested in 2007 for DUI.

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Of course, there were other reasons. She also attributes aging to her weight gain and it’s worth noting that she reached the peak of her fame when she was 16 – when her body was still “juvenile”, so to speak. In other words, it hadn’t filled out, so when she did reach her mid-20s the situation spread out of control.


How is Her Weight Loss Journey Going?

If you have read any of the national papers of late, most specifically the DailyMail Online, Mirror or The Sun, you will have probably stumbled across the articles highlighting how Barton is slowly heading back to her old shape.

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Admittedly, there is still plenty to go and she certainly doesn’t have the 16-year-old figure that we all came to know her of, but the fact that she has shaved around 4 lbs from her first week of using the Proactol XS product we named is hugely encouraging. There are of course other reasons, and her decision to hire a personal trainer undoubtedly aids thing and makes the process even more efficient.

As everyone knows, exercise is the main and obvious way to burn calories, but by using an additional product Barton has also been able to curb the amount of calories that are digested by around a quarter.

Particularly in the movie industry, where the hours are draining to say the least, the ability to snack and see a much smaller amount of calories digested can make all the difference – and obviously is doing in the case of Barton.


Using Proactol XS

We should probably discuss that last sentence in a little more detail. Proactol XS is classed as a fat binder, meaning that not all of the fat that Barton consumes is actually digested. The main compoment is chitosan that is sourced from mushrooms

The supplement is able to bind, and ultimately prevent, the fat from being digested through the small intestine – meaning that it’s dealt with as natural waste. This all means that Barton consumes far fewer calories than the food labels would make us believe.

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Does her weight really affect her career?

Let’s be honest, when that “legal issue” occurred in 2007 it most certainly did disrupt her career. However, in terms of her weight, this is something that is going to make minimal difference to the movies that she is going to appear in.

You only have to look at the films she has been scheduled to appear in, which total no fewer than fourteen across 2014 and 2015, to see that she is hot in demand.

beautiful mischa barton


The most recent, Mining for Ruby, has her playing the main character in a love film based on a widower falling for an environmental activist.

Already, it’s clear to see that a film combining romance and a debatable issue such as the environment, is going to go down as a hit and it’s again evidence that Barton’s weight management problems in the past have had absolutely no bearing on her credentials as an actress.

Nevertheless, as we highlighted at the start of the article, her fitness regime and reliance on Proactol XS means that her weight is now becoming the envy of most women anyway. We’d therefore have to assume that her career is only going to take off even further, and bring her the sort of success that she experienced during her teens.


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